Phoenix, Arizona

November 18-22, 2015

Upload your photos from the 2015 Conference in Phoenix, AZ!  We'd love to see the conference from your point of view!

2015 Conference Pictures

106 photo(s) Updated on: 02 Dec 2015
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  • This Saguaro is likely several hundred years old. Saquaro cactus do not get their first arm until they are 80 to 100 years old.
  • Saguaro cactus grow to be huge! Andy, standing among the Saguaros, is 6' 2" tall.
  • One of many butterflies we saw at Sabino Canyon on Thursday morning.
  • The stream that runs thru Sabino Canyon.
  • Jim Nero snapping a photo of one of the roadrunners we saw in Sabino Canyon.
  • Jim Brock tells us about the butterflies he has seen in Sabino Canyon.
  • Jim Brock, author of "Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona", has been studying and breeding Arizona butterflies for decades.
  • What a surprise to find Saguaro cactus growing on the tops of huge mountains.
  • Seated on the Sabino trolley and about to head into the canyon.
  • Our destination for Thursday morning, October 19.
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Field Trips

Sabino Canyon Tour

 Tucson Botanical Gardens

Butterfly Wonderland

Sedona, AZ


Birth of a Wonderland- by Dayna Cooper

Mounting/Pinning Butterflies -by Todd Stout

Hand Pairing Swallowtails -by Abe Homan

Raising Mourning Cloaks -by Fred Gagnon

OE Clean Screen Program -by Tracy Villareal

Status of Danaus plexippus in AZ -by Gail Morris

Raising OE-Free Butterflies -by Connie Hodsdon

Raising Procedures - Cockrell Butterfly Ctr-by Lauren Williamson & Celeste Poorte

US Fish & Wildlife Service -by Dr. Benjamin Tuggle

Adaption Under Captive Breeding -by Bruce Walsh

USDA Update -by Wayne Wehling

Quick Ti[ps for Raising Moths -by Bruce Walsh

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